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Business Marketing

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You will no doubt have been contacted by people claiming to boost your SEO but the actual pathway to success is to place content about your business where it will be seen by the market audience that you need.

Business Marketing
Business Marketing

An example of how the team assisted a major business

A few years back, a prominent Australian real estate marketing business suffered brand damage when disgruntled individuals published adverse comments on a consumer forum.

The forum, having a high ranking with Google, always featured higher in search results than our client's website: first entry actually. So, when prospective customers searched for the name of the business as part of their due diligence, the adverse comments on the high ranking forum were the first thing that they saw.

Naturally, this had a profound effect on prospective customers. Many chose to not deal with the business.

The task for us was to overcome the damage caused by the comments on the forum to our client's reputation. As it turned out, the information was inaccurate and probably placed by business competitors.

Google reviews and controversial adverse comments on forums, are close to impossible to displace. Forums love the traffic that conversations about a business bring to their business. Visitors mean clicks on the ads that run between the lines in online conversations. So there is no incentive to edit the salacious information.

So, our task was to mitigate the harm being caused to our client..

Business Marketing
Repair brand damage

Travel Marketing

Help Travellers to find you.

Ask the team to promote your travel experiences

Direct bookings will save you money. If you can avoid the high commissions charged by travel agencies and the online booking giants, your business will retain more of the income that it generates.

Business Marketing

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